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Welcome good gentles!

The links on the banner above lead to things I have made, whether they be skeins of thread, songs, books or "how to" articles. I hope you find things within them to delight and enlighten you.

Songs contains the Redwulf Songbook, Ballads I have written and information about Broadside ballads, as well as a metrical translation of a Middle English Carol.

Bookbinding contains the "how to" handout from my bookbinding classes, and photos of the books I've made.

Textiles contains articles on Spinning Wheels and Thread, photos of Bayeux Tapestry embroidery, skeins of my spinning and the cloth made out of it, as well as a Norse set of clothes for a Pelican ceremony.

Manuscripts contains a "how to" guide to making gesso, gilding, cutting a quill pen, and choosing parchment and vellum. It also has scans of my fledgling attempts at copying the Beowulf scribes calligraphy. The passages from Beowulf are also translated and commented on.

Kingdom A&S 2006- HL Magdalena, Master Ox, and Lady Myllisant took photos. Here are around 100 of them.

Trip to England- I had the good fortune to be able to spend nearly a month in England this summer. I kept a blog and photo journal each day, which include museums, castles, paleography classes, cathedrals, and a hedgehog.

Rural Life Presentation- A quick look at what life was like in a peasant village. It includes a nice photo gallery of medieval cottages, fields and furniture.



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