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Redwulf Songbook

This songbook was originally compiled in 1994. Each year I make a few revisions and add a few songs. The songbook can be downloaded for printing, and there are several MP3s up of the tunes.

In the book the pieces are all in alphabetical order and there is an index of first lines and titles in the back of the book. This helps you find a song quickly to be able to join in when we're all singing together. This file is set up to be printed duplexed, cut in half and comb bound. (If you don't understand that, take the file to your local copy place and just show them these instructions.)

Marching Cadences

These are the words and guerilla recordings of some marching cadences.

Gregorian Chant

A short explanation of how to read modern chant verses, and mp3s of the tune we're currently doing chants to in Mooneschadowe.

Ballads by Rhiannon Redwulf

Most of my songs are written in common ballad meter and can be categorized as journalistic ballads, in the style of the broadside ballads from the 15th and 16th centuries. Almost all of them are written about a specific event, and chronicle the names of the people involved.



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