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The Bride Price of Dyver

Ragnar tapped Ciaran on the shoulder
to point to the lady Dyfer.
Ciaran fell in love with the honey blonde hair
and swan skin of Aeddan’s daughter.
But unfortunately...

The bride price went up and up and up and up,
for the young Reeve has lost his heart.
But Ciaran cannot leave the Lady Dyver
he can’t even make a start.

Dyver’s mother was Gwennen of Windbourne
who looked at the Reeve and saw,
a strong young back for the Green Man Tavern.
So she taught her daughter to sew,
so that...

Dyver was given a red dress of velvet.
by the Lady of Lakediamonia.
Ciaran saw the dress, and was filled with regret,
for the dress only raised his debt.

Now then, Gwennen has not lost a daughter
but has gained a feast hall server.
So Ciaran wears a green man on his tabbard,
and cuts carrots as he ponders,


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