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King’s Arrow Bridge

As I came riding o’er the mound
Just a wee bit from the town
from the Northlands I was bound
to cross King’s Arrow Bridge.
            I met a man with darkened trews
            and asked of him, “What was the news.”
            Says he, “The Ansteorran’s rue
            that e’er they came to King’s Arrow.

“We were on the bridge, sir, everyone
when the Tr’marin host upon us come.
A bloody battle then begun
upon King’s Arrow Bridge.
            The Tr’marin horse, they were so rude,
            They bathed their hooves in western blood.
            But every man so boldly stood
            upon King’s Arrow Bridge.

Elfsea, Stargate, & Eldern Hills
So boldly did they take the field,
Made their enemies to yield
upon King’s Arrow Bridge.
            Mooneschadowe fought like Lion’s bold
            Nameron’s men the field controled,
            And they all fought like loyal souls
            upon King’s Arrow Bridge.

The Meridians were Mercenaries
They’d sold their swords to our army
but in their hearts was treachery;
they deserted at the bridge.
            They crossed the river at a ford
            Trimaris took their pledged sword.
            And they all fought at his word
            upon King’s Arrow Bridge.

At last we could no longer stay
from off the bridge we came away
Sad with a lament today
that e’er we came to King’s Arrow.
            Thus the King, Michael, did say,
            “Come my men, show me the way,
            & I will over the hills this day
            to take King’s Arrow Bridge.

Alas, my Lord, you’re not so strong
You’ve scarcely got a hundred men.
They’ve twice as many Meridians
who betrayed us on the Bridge.
            Thus the King, Michael did say,
            “Come my men, show me the way,
            & I will over the hills this day
            to take King’s Arrow Bridge.

Sir Mahaty took the field again,
Duke Anton did his stand ajoin,
Five of them played a bloody game
upon King’s Arrow Bridge.
            Sir Keen’s bold army did advance
            Bryn Gwlad fought with sword & lance,
            But they all fell in death’s dark dance.
            upon King’s Arrow Bridge.

The Tr’marin King, he called a hold
He stopped the slaughter of the bold,
And to his men he nobly told,
“Let them cross King’s Arrow Bridge.
            With honor they have fought this day
            A noble enemy are they
            Let these two Knights go on their way
            Across King’s Arrow Bridge.”

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