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The Margrave’s Song

Hey down down, Hey down down
Hey down da down day down
Hey down down, Hey down down
Hey down da down day down

Pepin took the field ‘gainst his foe.
Sir Frederick stood him toe to toe.
Pepin knelt & kissed a banner white
And rose again to face the knight.
            Yelled the marshals, “Now lay on!”
            Pepin’s sword moved like a song.
            Frederick’s leg went first of all.
            All of this at Gnomen Vale.


Sir Frederick said, from the ground,
“If you’d be Margrave then fight on.”
Pepin circled round, tapped him once,
flew into his foe’s embrace.
            He took Sir Frederick’s good shield arm,
            Quickly stepped away from harm.
            As the crowd watched all around,
            Pepin’s shield dropped to the ground.


Sir Frederick said, for all to hear,
“The Margrave must hold honor dear;
His chivalry must guide always
His heart the truest, all his days.”
            Then Frederick laid his good sword down,
            said, “when you dropped your own shield down,
            You proved that you loved honor true,
            And I must yield the field to you.”



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