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When the King Came to Mooneschadowe

Oh the King came to Mooneschadowe
And Gwennan was in a bother
For he came into the Green Man
And asked for a bite of supper.
So she called out to her husband,
“Aeddan what shall we feed the King?”
He said, “Never you mind, my darling one,
I know a man has just the thing.”

Oh, There's been shaking in Mooneschadowe,
Shaking in Mooneschadowe,
Shaking in Mooneschadowe,
For the full forty pounds.

Aeddan had a friend called Godric,
Who brought to him full forty pounds
Of the best, most tasty deer
That ever a bow brought down.
“What fine and tasty cattle
Have the folk of Mooneschadowe,”
Said King Kein to Queen Alisha,
“They must live in a fair meadow.”


Pepin sat at the King's high table,
For he'd won the Tourney that day.
He said, “Pardon my leige, for my honesty
Tis not beef, I'm sorry to say.”
Then Alisha asked the baron,
“Is it lamb or is it sheep?
Or is it rabbit ground up fi ne,
With a sauce in a dish this deep?”


Baron Pepin said, “I tell you true,
It is not lamb, nor sheep,
It is not rabbit ground up fi ne,
But it's the King's own deer we eat!”
Oh, the King stood before the Shire
And told them right and plain,
“I love not the deer like Richard, ...but
You owe a tax for those you've slain.”


Then Mooneschadowe brought him down
Full forty pounds of silver.
But the tax was short by five full pounds
So they turned upon the jester.
Lords Marke and Ewan shook the fool
And coins did ring out merrily.
Upside down, Puck did cry out,
“I am being abused unfairly.”

Oh, the King and Queen have had their fill,
And the Baron is off with Caitlyn.
Now Puck's fingers are traveling lightly
Through the purses of Marke & Ewan.
Now, Gwennan has put Aeddan to bed,
The candles now she is lighting.
The Green Man is shut til morning,
and Godric is now in hiding


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